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Merv Wilikinson's Legacy

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The house once occupied by Merv Wilkinson has now been named the Wilkinson Heritage Homestead to forever honour Merv’s legacy.  The Ecoforestry Institute Society and a fleet of amazing volunteers are giving the Homestead an epic makeover while retaining the rustic look.  The Homestead will serve as an educational centre, a venue for special events, and as accommodation for ecotourists from the world over.  Read more….

Wildwood Ecoforest

For over 60 years, Merv harvested timber from Wildwood in a way that maintained a healthy vibrant forest ecosystem.  His pioneering work in forest stewardship and single tree selection showed a viable alternative to clear-cut logging, read more….

Events and Workshops

There is always something exciting to learn at Wildwood Ecoforest.  Please visit our calendar of events, tours and classes, read more…