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The Ecoforestry Institute Society was founded in 1995 and has officially managed Wildwood Ecoforest as a working sustainable ecoforest since 2000. EIS embraces the ecoforestry philosophy and practices of Merv Wilkinson, who saw that the forest could be logged in a sustainable manner, while maintaining the values of a healthy and resilient forest.

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When you become a member of the Ecoforestry Institute Society, you become part of an environmentally conscience movement dedicated in protecting the forests in this country, read more…

Wildwood Forest

Wildwood Forest

Located on southeastern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, Wildwood is a forest which is owned by The Land Conservancy and is stewarded in partnership with the Ecoforestry Institute, read more…

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Ecoforestry Institute develops forest management systems which protect natural forest integrity which provide for vital communities and their economies, read more…