Restorations are in Full Swing

The Ecoforestry Institute Society is now well into the process of restoration of the Homestead at Wildwood, shaping it into an education and accommodation facility that will serve for generations to come.   Once renovated, the Homestead will feature three bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, living and educational facilities, complete with new log finish, insulation, drywall, energy systems, wood floors, fixtures, appliances, and deck.

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Our team of project managers, EIS Directors Cheryl Bancroft, Kathy Code and Barry Gates, have overseen the complex and technical requirements of taking the structure right down to the logs and producing an energy efficient and solid structure.   They are leading the project, working with a capable team of tradespeople, the Timber Framers Guild, and a fleet of dedicated volunteers. The team are mindful of Merv’s work and legacy, and are generously donating their time and talents.  Cheryl has also contributed her talents as an interior designer to develop a wonderful rustic décor for the entire homestead. 

Make your mark on the Restoration!

Be a Homestead Donor.

Sponsor needed building materials, furniture and household items.

EIS has a limited budget for the restoration and every penny has been used wisely. We’ve been shopping at vintage stores and the Restore, hunting for bargains, while our tradespeople have generously offered free or discounted materials and labour, and volunteers have enthusiastically stepped up for work parties. We’re also planning to build some items, such as bed frames and chairs.

We will recognize all donors through a permanent work of art to be placed in the Homestead, and you will receive a charitable tax receipt.

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Volunteer Your Time and Talents

Volunteers are needed to help this summer and fall with demo, cleanup, carpentry, insulation, painting and more.

This is a great opportunity to learn about state of the art sustainable building practices – from insulating your home so that your heating bills are cut in half, to laying easy retrofit radiant floor heating.

We’ll feed you, and you can swim in Quennell Lake on hot days!

To volunteer email Kathy Code, EIS Director, at

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The History of the

Wilkinson Heritage Homestead

Widely known as “Merv’s cabin” and renamed the Wilkinson Heritage Homestead, the log house nestles on the edge of Quennell Lake, surrounded by towering forest and ancient orchard.  Merv, his wife Grace, and many friends built the house from logs harvested on the property, and, according to a recent assessment, it remains a structurally sound building today.  Built in 1963 – 1965 after the original home burned down, the Homestead was where Merv cheerfully greeted the thousands of visitors who trekked to his door over the years to learn firsthand of his pioneering work in ecoforestry.

The Homestead was also where his wife of thirty plus years, Grace, worked hard to manage the family and household.  Together, she and Merv looked after the children (theirs and foster children), cultivated large vegetable gardens and the orchard, and raised chickens, beef, and sheep as Merv pursued his ecoforestry work.  It was Grace who owned 75% of Wildwood, prior to it becoming a publicly donated property.  At the time of the transaction, both she and Merv knew that the property had been undervalued by about $100,000, but willingly forwent the difference in the interests of seeing the property protected in perpetuity.  EIS has been pleased to recently welcome Grace back to Wildwood after many years absence, a powerful and emotional time for all.

We are especially pleased that the Homestead Restoration is taking place with Grace’s blessings.   Once renovated, the Homestead will rise once again to receive visitors who are keen to learn first hand about Merv Wilkinson’s legacy – Wildwood Ecoforest.