Wildwood Trust Deed

The Ecoforestry Institute Society holds Wildwood in Trust to provide benefits to the public of British Columbia, through the following specific Charitable Purposes;

  1. to protect, conserve, maintain and enhanceWildwood and the Amenities as a publically accessible educational and demonstration eco-forest;
  2. to manage the forest ofWildwood in a way that follows the definition of eco-forestry, which is, “Ecoforestry” means a forest planning and management system that directs human activities in such a way that natural ecosystem integrity, its composition, structure and function, including biodiversity, is maintained at all spatial and temporal scales and in accordance with natural disturbance patterns;
  3. to identify, build on, and make available to the public, MervWilkinson’s legacy of continual learning in the practice of ecoforestry;
  4. to support the development of eco-forestry through research and science-based learning;
  5. to promote education about eco-forestry;
  6. to provide an example of an alternative to current practices of industrial forestry;
  7. to increase public exposure to eco-forestry;
  8. to showcase and develop models for ecoforestry, value-added manufacturing, non-timber forest products and non-consumptive forest use;
  9. to allow for on-site caretakers, residents, and visitors, that will maintain a human presence at Wildwood, and who support the values reflected herein, and to do so in a way that does not interfere with ecoforestry operations and ecosystem functioning;
  10. to engage, promote and assist in any manner directly or indirectly, individuals, movements, groups and organisations which are endeavouring to promote eco-forestry in British Columbia or engaged in any charitable activity in British Columbia with similar objects, in the trustee(s) sole discretion; and
  11. to do all such things as are conducive to the provision, supply and promotion of the above objects and any other charitable purpose which the Trustees desire and which are acceptable to the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”).

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