Wildwood – for now and generations to come!

When you Give the Gift of Wildwood, you are giving a meaningful gift that increases awareness of ecoforestry principles and practices, and funds our work to promote ecologically-sustainable forest management across the province.

Buy a gift certificate

Gift certificates are redeemable towards a Wildwood t-shirt, hat, or a workshop fee.  Workshop topics include plant and fungi identification; wildcrafting; ethnobotany; ecoforestry; ecology; timber harvesting; woodcrafting; nature: art and many more. Courses available for a wide range of audiences including children, students, professionals, academics and the general public.

Sponsor an item for the Homestead Restoration

Visit the Homestead page and choose an item you’d like to sponsor. Donors receive permanent acknowledgement, a tax receipt and a certificate.

Wildwood T-shirts and Ball Caps

These stylish clothing items sport the Wildwood logo.

Make a donation to help pay down the Wildwood mortgage

EIS is responsible for the $450,000 mortgage that was necessary to acquire Wildwood. Any and all donations are welcome and donors will receive permanent acknowledgement, a tax receipt and a certificate.

Join as a member of the Ecoforestry Institute Society

Become a member – or give the gift of a membership – in this unique society dedicated to the stewardship of Wildwood and the promotion of ecoforestry practices.

The Ecoforestry Institute Society is a registered non-profit society, operated by a strong board and an amazing core of Wildwood volunteers. There are no paid staff positions. Please help us continue the legacy of Merv’s work and support a forestry model that demonstrates we can retain the integrity of our ecosystems.