Ecoforestry Institute Society

The Ecoforestry Institute Society is dedicated to promoting ecologically, socially and economically responsible forest use that maintains and restores the complexity and diversity of our forests. We believe that Ecoforestry is the science of preserving fully intact forest ecosystems while providing for appropriate levels of commercial timber extraction. Ecoforestry is adaptable to the inclusion of ecological, cultural, heritage, scenic, recreational, wildlife and fisheries objectives within the value set identified for mitigation or maintenance.

Ecoforestry principles and methods may provide new opportunities for economic entitlement and low impact timber utilization on some or all of the timber lands throughout the province. Special Management Zones have been established to perpetuate one or more non-timber values which may be compromised as a result of conventional timber harvesting practices.

An innovative forest practice is one which produces high quality results in the forest and supplies high quality timber for the value added sector of the forest industry. This opportunity has arisen due to recent initiatives in provincial forest policy that are changing the way we manage our forests. The Ecoforestry Institute Society wishes to play a lead role in developing and implementing these new forestry practices. A key purpose of the Ecoforestry Institute Society is to accelerate the learning curve of forest managers and the general public by providing resources to improve the understanding and the skills required to develop, design, test and implement new ways of extracting value from our forests while maintaining ecological integrity, creating economic opportunity and promoting community vitality.