Wildwood History

Located on southeastern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, Wildwood Ecoforest is now under the stewardship of the Ecoforestry Institute Society. This property began to be stewarded by Merv Wilkinson in 1938 and has become widely recognized as a valuable example of the pursuit for sustainable forestry. Under the guidance of Dr. Paul Boving, Merv was introduced to Scandinavian forest management philosophies and practices of the time. Key among what Merv integrated were the ideas of harvesting less than the annual growth rate, so that the stand volume is not diminished over time; and Dr. Boving preferred tree selection method, single tree selection, or what Merv has sometimes called sustainable selective forestry¬Ě.

The underlying principle is one of sustaining timber yields over time. The standing volume was seen as being equivalent to the capital in Ann and Merv Wilkinson Wildwood Forest Ecoforestry Institute Societya bank account and the annual growth rate as the interest. This analogy is helpful, however it does not present an accurate or complete picture of ecologically sustainable forestry. Thus, over time our reliance on this theory and selection methodology has changed. Never the less these principles remain important in understanding the history of this forest and its influence beyond its boundaries.

Sustainability for us means being able to integrate our activities within the limits of our home landscape and the ecosystem processes which govern its functioning. We do not wish to compromise the ability of indigenous organisms or of the forest to withstand stresses and disturbances.

Monthly public tours of Wildwood are held the 3rd Sunday of each month 1-3pm by donation.
You can also contact us to make special arrangements to visit Wildwood. Email Bruce: hepburnmb@hotmail.com

Guided tours and field trips for school classes be arranged by emailing admin@ecoforestry.ca

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