Constitution and Bylaws


  1. The name of this Society is E.I.S. – The Ecoforestry Institute Society (herein referred to as the
  2. The purposes of the Society are:
    a) To oversee the promotion of ecocentric forestry (ecoforestry) education and training;
    b) To develop integrated information programs so as to inform the public about the practices
    science, and philosophies of ecologically responsible forest use;
    c) To provide training programs and opportunities for interested persons to gain first-hand
    knowledge of ecoforestry;
    d) To oversee development of demonstration forests – public and private – which can provide
    public access for people to see working models of ecologically responsible forest use and
    ecologically sustainable forests from which forest goods are being removed;
    e) To develop, in cooperation with others, criteria for ecologically responsible forest uses, and
    standards for certifying ecoforestry practices, practitioners, materials, products and artifacts;
    f) To cooperate with persons, groups, First Nations, and authorities to develop educational and
    experiential programs and services consistent with the Society’s purposes.
  3. All purposes of the Society shall be of a charitable nature only and all activities, programs and
    services of the Society shall be of a charitable purpose only. This provision is unalterable.
  4. Any profits or accretions of the Society shall be used for the promotion of the purposes of the
    Society and not for the benefit of its directors. No director shall be paid any remuneration for
    services rendered to the Society, but may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses. This provision is
  5. Upon winding up or dissolution of the Society, any funds of the Society remaining after the
    satisfaction of its debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to one or more recognized
    charitable organizations registered under the Income Tax Act, as may be designated by the
    members of the Society at the time of winding up or dissolution. This provision is unalterable.

The Bylaws of the Society are those set out in Schedule B to the Society Act of BC